Over the past week, we have answered over 3,500 phone calls from Golfers who are wanting to buy a membership and trying to resolve some of the problems you may be having accessing your account or completing your first top-up of points.

Before you call, please read on, we may have already answered your problem below;

You’ve called to register interest for FLEXI-Membership, what happens next?

You will receive an email from BRS, you will need to take a note of your USER ID and click SIGN UP

Once you have set a password and completed the form, agree to any marketing settings you wish and accept the terms and conditions of membership.

We will then be able to enable your account, you will receive another email from BRS inviting you to access your account.

Here you need to add your USER ID and PASSWORD, then click LOG IN.

You should now be able to access your members’ hub

If you haven’t received your registration email within 24hrs, please complete the form on the contact page of this website.

I am trying to access the Members Hub, but it says the user name and or password is not recognised

Did you successfully complete the registration form?

You should have received an email confirming your account has been enabled, without this your user ID will not be recognised.

Are you using the correct link?

The original links for online booking no longer exist. The links are now;

TROON LINKS     https://members.brsgolf.com/troonlinks/login

AYR GOLF           https://members.brsgolf.com/ayrgolf

CARRICK             https://members.bragolf.com/carrickgolf

Are you using the correct user name?

Your user name may have changed from the one you used pre lockdown. If you can no longer remember it, click forgotten username on the log in page.

Are you using the correct password?

If you had saved your password into your browser, you may be using an old password. Delete the dots in the password box and try typing it in again.

If you can’t remember your password, click forgotten password and you’ll be emailed a reset link

I am trying to top up my points balance, but the button isn’t appearing

Whilst the members’ hub can be accessed using any browser, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome.

To download chrome, search Google Chrome in your search engine and complete the download process.

I have paid to top up my account, but my balance hasn’t updated

If you have received a payment confirmation email but your account hasn’t updated, don’t worry, simply email us the receipt and once we match this to our transaction record we can immediately credit your account.

My points balance is wrong

If you think your balance is wrong, or points have been taken in error or not refunded properly, please complete the form on the contact us page of this website and we’ll look into it.

If there’s an issue, we’ll put it right.

I can’t get logged into the BRS Golf App

Unfortunately the FLEXI-Membership is currently not compatible with the BRS Golf App, whilst they are working on this, please use a web browser on your device to access the members’ hub.