New Golf Concession Scheme

Why has a new Golf Concession scheme been introduced?

South Ayrshire Council agreed a budget for 2023/24 on Wednesday 1st March. Part of that budget included investment of £5M in our golf estate and a review of the Access to Leisure membership discount scheme for both Golf and Sport & Leisure Services. Corporate fees and charges were also to be increased by 5%

For season 2023/24, Golf South Ayrshire, (GSA), have introduced a new Golf Concession Scheme for permanent residents in South Ayrshire. This includes a new Senior category, reducing the Ordinary season ticket cost by 10% and a Concession category reducing the Ordinary season ticket cost by 35%. Details of the qualifying criteria can be found at

I don’t play enough to justify paying this amount, is there an alternative?

If you only play golf during the week, there is a 5 day season ticket available which also attracts a reduced cost compared to the Ordinary season ticket. A “Flexi golf” membership also allows anyone to pay and play across our 8 courses, offering tee times well below visitor prices.

For more information on the FLEXI-Membership, please click the following link