Nature Restoration Project – Belleisle Park

As many of you will be aware, Golf South Ayrshire in partnership with South Ayrshire Council’s Ranger Service and Scottish Wildlife Trust was successful in obtaining grant funding from the Scottish Government and Nature Scot as part of a nature restoration project within the Belleisle and Seafield Golf Courses.

The project is split into two parts, the first which sets out to transform large areas of rough grasslands into wildflower meadows. These areas were prepared and sown over the winter months using a mix of native annual and perennial seeds. The annual wildflowers will provide instant splash of colour in the summer and the perennials take longer to establish but provide a longer flowering period once they do. This will provide a great food source for pollinators and other insects.

A hemi-parasitic wildflower, Yellow Rattle was included in this mix as it serves a very important role in assisting us to creating areas of rough by reducing rank golfer unfriendly grasses such as Meadow Grass and Yorkshire Fog which in turn gives finer leaf grasses such as Fescue the chance to flourish.

We have also created our own Yellow Rattle nursery which, will allow us to harvest the seed and increase its prevalence on the courses. Over time, as well as giving the courses an extra splash of colour, our maintenance requirements in these out of play areas will be reduced and improve the chances of finding that wayward golf ball!

Phase 2 of the project sets out to create two wetlands on the courses, the first is located on Holes 2 and 3 of Belleisle. This is a traditionally wet area of the golf course and will replace the current no play zone located here. An open ditch/burn will be constructed to feed into the wetland from the front of the 6th tee and will wind its way through the large rough grassland area between the 4th and 6th holes.

The second wetland is to be created in the triangle of rough grassland between the 14th, 15th and 16th holes on Seafield Golf Course.

The designs have been created by Golf Course Architects, KimberGlen International and the project will also see a partial remodelling of the 3rd Hole on Belleisle, 14th and 16th Holes on Seafield.

Works are set to begin week commencing 10th June and last for a period of 8 – 10 weeks.

Some mid-week disruption to play will be experienced, however the contractors will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.

Plans and additional information are available within the Belleisle Clubhouse.

We would like to thank the Scottish Government and NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund for the funding for this project, and for your understanding whilst these exciting projects are taking shape.