We hope you’ve enjoyed being out on our golf courses again – it’s been great to have you back!  Our priority is to keep you informed as we progress through the phased return to golf, so please read this note in full to ensure you know what’s happening.

Season Tickets

Over the coming weeks, we will reintroduce a more traditional style golf membership product, which will be fully launched by Saturday 1 August. Our FLEXI-membership proved very popular; therefore we also plan to retain this alongside the more traditional membership package.  We have introduced a new pricing model for the FLEXI-membership which is more reflective of traditional playing patterns on the courses which will commence from 1st August.

In order to restart golf on 29 May, we had to adapt to a geographic membership model to ensure compliance with Scottish Government guidelines.  To allow us to continue to progress through the phases of recovery without a significant break in golf, we are now proposing to keep these geographic memberships in place until 1 April 2021.

Although this is not a full return to business as normal, it is another step forward.  We have taken into consideration a discount in lieu of not selling the traditional 8 course ticket, and the FLEXI-Membership offer will allow people to access any other location they choose.  You can find information on Membership packages and how to register for these on our website

To ensure we meet the needs of each individual golfing group who play on our courses, we have reviewed our terms and conditions of membership and booking rights. You can find these on our website and we urge you to take some time to read these when you register interest for your new membership type.

Remaining FLEXI points in Wallet

If you are choosing to change to the more traditional style of membership, then any points that are remaining in your account at the time we raise the bill for payment these points will be automatically discounted from your bill.

Increased Group Size and Clubhouse reopening

We hope to introduce 4 balls on Friday 10 July in line with the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 roadmap.

Plans are also underway for the re-opening of clubhouses on a restricted basis from Wednesday 15 July, and we’ll keep you informed on progress around this.

Retention of 10 Minute Intervals

We have received considerable positive feedback about the increased tee time interval; the effect this has had on round times; pace of play; and the more relaxed and enjoyable experience this has provided.  Therefore, we intend to retain the 10 minute tee time intervals, at least until the end of the playing season, to allow us to fully assess its impact.

Online Booking

We will retain our outside starter service to manage play on the courses.  We plan to keep the current system of prioritising online booking, however we will change the ‘go-live’ time for the tee sheet.  Please see the summary below for details.

Affiliated Club Members will now have 24 hour priority booking ahead of Social Golfers, who will have 24 hour priority over FLEXI-Members. Individual visitor tee times will go live 24 hours after FLEXI-Members.

There will be no Season Ticket or Visitor reserved times for the remainder of the Season.

Key Dates

With immediate effect Visitors will be permitted on our courses
Friday 10 July Play increases to 4 balls (TBC) and removal of 2 round restrictions
Wednesday 15 July Restricted re-opening of Clubhouses and Facilities (TBC)
By Saturday 1 August ‘Traditional’ geographic season ticket commences


Summary of Changes to Membership

  • A full range of membership types will be available at each geographical location.
  • FLEXI-Memberships will continue to be available on a revised pricing model from Saturday 1 August.
  • Priority booking depending on playing category commences Saturday 1 August
  1. Wednesday @ 9.00pm – booking goes live for CLUB MEMBERS for the Saturday, 10 days ahead.
  2. Thursday @ 9.00pm – booking goes live for SOCIAL GOLFERS for the Saturday, 9 days ahead.
  3. Friday @ 9.00pm – booking goes live for FLEXI-MEMBERS for the Saturday, 8 days ahead.
  4. Saturday @ 9.00pm – booking goes live for VISITORS for the Sunday, 6 days ahead.
  • There will be no Season Ticket Holder or Visitor reserved blocks for the remainder of the season.
  • Reserved by Member is no longer possible, any playing category will be able to book into any spare slot on the tee sheet from 1st August.

Things can still change very quickly at the moment, so please check our website regularly for updates.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.